I Use Saga Remy Hair For My Sew In Weave Exensions. So Far I’m Pleased With Results

saga remy hair

I’ve been using Saga Remy Hair for almost a year now and I really like that it doesn’t tangle. It doesn’t feel plastic or fake.My Saga Remy hair looks practically new after I wash it and has lots of flow and body. The best part is if you are on a budget, the hair can be removed, washed, and reused for a new sew in installation.As long as you take care of your Saga Remy hair , you really shouldn’t have many problems, at least I don’t. Now there are a few things about the hair that I don’t like, but nothing serious and I will discuss them In this lens a long with a description of how I care for my hair and what products and supplies I use.

I Got My Saga Remy Hair On Sale At Amazon

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MilkyWay Saga Gold Remy 100% Human Hair Weave - Finger Roll 14

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Saga Remy Hair Is Not The “Highest” Quality Weave Hair But It’s Great For The Cost
If you’ve been researching remy hair extensions, then you know that they can be quite pricey. If you’re looking for cheap hair extensions, good luck. Chances are you will end up with some synthetic brand of hair that will mat constantly and shed like crazy. Two things I knew that I did not want to deal with.I would have like to have been able to purchase a higher quality Indian Remi Hair, but I just could not justify paying over $200 for a package of hair extensions. I know some ladies who pay way more than that. My goal was to find something in the middle. I searched for remy hair extensions that were good quality, but not too expensive. My search led me toSage Remy hair.

I Decided To Purchase Saga Remy Hair After Watching This Video Review On YouTube

I Experienced Minimal Shedding And Almost No Matting With Saga Remy Hair

But I did have some issues with another brand of hair extensions

I’ve heard that the shorter length Saga Remy hair extensions shed far less than the longer length. I have purchased the 10 inch and the 12 inch. Neither of these lengths of hair have shed (a lot) nor have they matted.A professional suggested I try another brand when I removed my first Saga Remy installation. It looked really pretty when she was done, but a few hours later, I was disappointed because it started shedding and matting up almost immediately. I paid about $30 a bag for it, so it wasn’t very expensive (as far as hair extensions go that’s cheap).To save you from purchasing, I will disclose the name of this unruly hair that I am talking about. It’s called Janet Collection (relaxed) 1B30. I love the texture, but I wouldn’t recommend you get Janet Collection, Permed 1B30 brand unless you don’t mind brushing your hair every 30 minutes.Again, don’t get me wrong, the texture blends well with relaxed or natural African American hair and it is very pretty, but Janet Collection (relaxed) 1B30 will shed and it will matte. So for beauty’s sake, please have a good brush handy.

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